Meg (yeaitsmeburkie) wrote in preppy_delight,

Hi everyone, so I went away last week to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina- here are some pictures of us

Image hosted by here is a picture of everyone (from the left, Aunt Claudia, my cousin Jessie, Papa, Grandma, my mom, me, my brother John, and my cousin Andrew)
Image hosted by jessie, andrew, aunt claudia,
Image hosted by my mom, me, and johnny- clearly we didn't know what was going on
Image hosted by Photobucket.comgrandma and papa
Image hosted by jessie and myself
Image hosted by Photobucket.comme and my brother- we coordinate our oufits cute right?
Image hosted by the four cousins agan
Image hosted by my brother and I mini golfing
Image hosted by my brother being "electrocuted"
Image hosted by than me doing it
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