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went to Disney World on June 5 for the first time in 5 years. I was a little kid lol



Star Wars weekends .. i'm a huge Star Wars freak!

cam 021

Beauty and the Beast

cam 023

The car said La Salle on it, which is the name of my school..

cam 043

This made my day:

cam 047

The Great Movie Ride

cam 042

Taxi !

cam 052

Tower of Terror

cam 053

in line for Rock 'n' Rollercoaster

cam 054

Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground!

cam 060

cam 074

Mickeys premium ice creams!

cam 063


cam 065

A Star Wars lady

cam 068

NY background

cam 075


cam 077

it looks like im going down stairs !!

cam 081


cam 084

The Castle

cam 097

He was hot!

cam 093

Aladdin is my favorite Disney character/movie

cam 105

Thunder Mountain

cam 106

cam 107

It's a small world after all!!

cam 116

cam 119

the Phillharmagic

cam 127

cam 128

cam 129


Star Wars next to Cinderella Man? Double the Awesomeness!

cam 086

My bf's cigar company

cam 098

i'm convinced it looks like a strip club

cam 109

cam 137

cam 138

she had an obsession with spraying violeta perfume

cam 139

our mess of a room

cam 141


cam 145

We decided to go sporting our school PE shirts

cam 147

Mission Space.. i can't believe i rode it, and a week later some little boy died on it!

cam 153

the crop ride!

cam 117

they call me Pin.. how convinient!

cam 162

Pub at England

cam 163

France.. i was so excited, because i speak French!

cam 167

his name was Alexandre, from france!

cam 168

I got my picture with Aladdin and Jasmine!.. he was hot

cam 172


cam 174

On the Mexico ride.. we got off and started dancing with the props and dolls!

cam 180

cam 182

cam 184

Jesus sandals!

cam 187

Rockin the Mexico hats!

cam 188

aawww for me?

cam 189

cam 192

Thats hot

cam 191

cam 205

cam 206

there were about 100 more pictures, but thats too much to post

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