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new :)

Hey everyone, I'm Leanne and new! I'm 15, and I've been watching the community for a while, and it seems great!

Now you want to know what's unfair: I work at a Hallmark store, so I get my 30% discounts. But *sniff* we dont sell Vera Bradley because A) we're a teeny tiny town in Arizona and there's just not much interest and B) the company (VB) is supposedly VERRRRY picky about the amount of wallspace they get, and we're a small store. SO. thats my sob story for the day. but, silver lining in this story is the Crabtree and Evelyn in Park Place mall in Tucson is having a 30% off sale, and my mom's going to go and pick me up some goodies :)

so here's my question.. i'm trying to decide what to get and I was wondering, what does the Travel Cosmetic fit in it? ANyone have pics of the inside? If this has already been asked, please let me know

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