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Preppy Delight App

Name: Christina Jarvis
Age: 17
Sexual orientation:straight
Location: New York
School (public? private? boarding? college?): private boarding school
Where do you want to go to college/ What college do you attend:I want to go to Princeton, Yale, or Penn (where my dad went)
Favorite music: classical, and oldies
Favorite movies: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Making the Grade, Animal House
Favorite brands:Lacoste, Longchamp, and Brooks Brothers
Who makes the best polos (and why): Lacoste, because the green gator is the symbol, of course, and plus, they are the most comfortable.
Your background/life history:I was born in Manhattan where my dad worked as an investment banker at Morgan Stanely. After he retired we moved to California, and now we live in Napa.
Hobbies/Interests: drawing, throwing parties, sailing
Random fact about yourself:pink and green are my favorite two colors
Sports:tennis, lacrosse, and cross-country
Best thing you've ever done:helped my mom with her charitable causes
Worst thing you've ever done:cheated on a test
What makes you preppy:I come from a long line of preps, I go to prep school, and I've had family in Massachussets since the 1600s
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