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Name: Brittany
Age: 16
Sexual orientation: Straight
Location: Long Island. And Nantucket Island all summer.
School (public? private? boarding? college?): privite school.
Where do you want to go to college/ What college do you attend: BU.
Favorite music: bob marley and jack johnson are my favorites.
Favorite movies: Grease, Dirty Dancing, WEdding Crashers and beaches
Favorite brands: Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren, J Crew, Seven, Lacoste, Vineyard Vines.
Who makes the best polos (and why): Ralph Lauren Has the best variety by far. I find they fit the best.
Your background/life history: I was born in to a republican family and Im 1 of 4. I've lived on Long Island My whole life and Ive spent every summer of my life on Nantucket Island.
Hobbies/Interests: Shopping, cooking, partying, sailing, boating, surfing, lacrosse, going to the beach, tennis, being with friends.
Random fact about yourself:
Sports: Lacrosse
Best thing you've ever done: been in a relationshipa nd fallen in love.
Worst thing you've ever done: lied and lost trust from someone important to me.
What makes you preppy: My whole lifestyle. My optimistic outlook on life, not to mention my fabulous fashion sense.
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