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Name: Meg
Age: 16
Sexual orientation: Straight
Location: Long Island, NY
School (public? private? boarding? college?): private
Where do you want to go to college/ What college do you attend: Yale, Duke, UNC, Notre Dame, Cornell
Favorite music: OAR, DMB, Jack's Mannequinn, Dashboard Confessional, Interpol, Panic! at the Disco, U2
Favorite movies: Pretty in Pink, Dumb and Dumber, Say Anything, Breakfast Club, Moulin Rouge
Favorite brands: Polo, Lacoste, Lilly Pulitzer, J.Crew, Abercrombie, Hollister Co.
Who makes the best polos (and why): Polo by Ralph Lauren. They make polos for every color, you can customize them, choose sleeve size and size of pony. The polos are very comfortable and easy to style with.
Your background/life history: Big family (8 of us), middle class town on Long Island, attended private school all my life, active in the community (volunteer at church)
Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, photography, kickline, bike riding : )
Random fact about yourself: i'm a lefty and my middle name is Jude
Sports: lacrosse, soccer, running
Best thing you've ever done: I'm a big sister to two younger brothers, mended a broken friendship
Worst thing you've ever done: was not loyal to a friend, got caught sneaking out
What makes you preppy: style, personality, smile, and popping my collar
Promote in as many places as possible and provide a link:
i can do more..i'm not to good at the whole adding pictures/promos to comments.
Pictures (3 or more clear pictures):
before kickline show!on the righti was suprised.
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