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Name: Natalie
Age: 15
Sexual orientation: Straight
Location: Springfield, IL
School (public? private? boarding? college?): Public
Where do you want to go to college/ What college do you attend: Miami of Ohio or Northwestern
Favorite music: Ben Harper, Daniel Powter, Donovan Frankenreiter, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, The Grateful Dead, Dispatch, OAR, and anything you can dance to!
Favorite movies: Breakfast at Tiffany's and The Notebook
Favorite brands: Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Lacoste, Juicy Couture, Lilly Pulitzer, Vera Bradley, Free People
Who makes the best polos (and why): Ralph Lauren. I like the material, and they fit me really well.
Your background/life history: Hmm. Well I'm a sophmore at SHS. I play tennis for my school. My favorite season is summer, because I pretty much live at the Yacht Club. I love boating, jetskiing, and sailing. I also love to shop! My family and I vacation in Santa Rosa every year. We get along really well. My dad is a lawyer and my mom is a speech pathologist. I have a little sister Abigail, she just turned 13 on the 12th! I love to read, and I do well in school. I'm in the top 8% of my class and my goal is to be in the top ten. Don't worry though, I'm not a total recluse! I love partying and dancing all night with my friends. Oh, and I love playing ping pong! I have no idea why.
Hobbies/Interests: tennis, running, reading, boating, jetskiing, sailing, shopping
Random fact about yourself: I fractured my pelvis running cross country Sectionals in 8th grade :)
Sports: tennis and ping pong!
Best thing you've ever done: Volunteering
Worst thing you've ever done: Cheated on my boyfriend
What makes you preppy: Well, I guess the clothes I wear, but there's a lot more to me than clothes! I'm really influenced by my family and my friends. I would be lost without them, and they help me make good chioces and keep me on the right track.
Promote in as many places as possible and provide a link:
Last year's Easter brunch at the club.. really old!
Partying with locals at our house in FL
Everyone at dinner at Joe's
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